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Aussie Battler Party


Ensure our State Forests are kept available for the public!

The Aussie Battler Party opposes the VEAC proposal 100%.

The decision to close off State Forests will create a new generation of children whom may never experience the love and freedom of being in the true outdoors. Developing a relationship early with the bush is as Australian as it gets. Riding your horse, chasing your brother or sister on a dirt bike or just building your first small campfire by a creek are the simple pleasures that help develop great kids.

We want to see a generation of active outdoor kids who love nothing better than fossicking for gold, helping set up a camp, clinging to the armrests while they navigate a river crossing!

What has the world come to where the only simple place to camp with your family is the crowded confines of a concrete caravan park! Our forefathers had a great love and care of the bush. Every log track put in becomes a future fire access trail.

It is our view we will have more super fires if the VEAC gets approved!

Local communities have been devastated enough by the hand of the Greens and Labor.

We oppose any notion of the VEAC.

We encourage more recreational use of our State Forests.

We support recreational gold fossicking.

We support better education for recreational users on how to care for our great state forests!

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