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Aussie Battler Party


It’s official I’m a statistic. I too suffer from bouts of depression. I’ve been aware of this now for 10+ years. I understand my depression patterns now and learned to accept the ebbs and flows. I have a few methods I call upon to get me through the darkness when it comes.

Electing ABP will assure you a voice where I’m proud of how I deal with my bouts. I’m certainly one of the lucky ones who can adjust my days to best suit my condition.

Suicide in Australia is a frightening phenomena. It might surprise you to read this on an aspiring political parties website, but I squarely lay part of the blame at Government feet! It’s no coincidence as Banks operate under tighter and tighter laws, Banks gain an ever increasing monopoly in Australia and make obscene corporate profits.

Yesteryear during hard times for farmers the local bank manager would have a relationship and understanding of farming hardships usually due to our climate. The bank and borrower would work through the flood, drought, market collapse etc and in doing so the farmer usually a male - lived on!!

Nowadays a random employee gets on the phone and advises ‘we’re sorry we’re selling you up’! For many farmers this is too much to bare and they reach for a gun!

It’s time the Government recognises the bitter pill of what role they have played over the last few decades that have been enough to tip a person over the edge!!

ABP Policy

  • Banks MUST appoint a trained counsellor to share the file with the collections department if the person in hardship displays symptoms of depression or self harm and advised they are experiences mental health difficulties.
  • Care plans not capped by number of appointments.
  • We will support pro active initiatives that help people manage their mental health.