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Walter Mikac

Northern Metro Region

Walter Mikac's story touched the world. His wife and two little girls were amongst 35 people shot at Australia’s worst ever massacre, at Port Arthur, Tasmania, in 1996.
Walter’s dignity in the face of impossible horror had a profound and far-reaching effect. It required impossible power and courage, played out beneath the unrelenting glare of the media spotlight. His need to create certainty from the devastation won him universal acclaim and led to extraordinary results, together with:
- nationwide gun legislation reform
- a thriving children’s charity The Alannah and Madeleine Foundation .
- the patronage of HRH Princess Mary and an adaptation of AMF’s programs all over Denmark.

As a successful writer and skilled pharmacist, Walter has shared his insights on the national Press club, on A Current Affair, 60 Minutes, SBS, and the ABC, and he is a regular visitor on 3AW.

He is remarried with a toddler, and has discovered high demand for his message from a wide range of groups.