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Aussie Battler Party


Stuart O'Neill

Western Metro Region (Party Leader)

I consider my decision to stand for Legislative Council as being reflective of who I am. I’m that person who stands for things that are not always right and I choose to stand up rather than shut up. Over the course of my life these priorities have grown in size!

A brief bio on me:
- Born in Carlton,  Raised in SE Melbourne
- Attended Caulfield Tech. and Caulfield High School
- Self employed since I was 22
- 3 Amazing sons
- Divorced
- Business and Life Coach
- Moving back to my home state to do my bit
- My friends might describe me as an intelligent, bit cheeky, strong minded, caring parent and someone who is always standing up for the underdog.

More About Stuart
I'm that bloke who shakes his head just like you when he hears our Governments sold Vegemite, Melbourne Ports to China, Blundstones or Games of Footy in China when country and suburban clubs are struggling. I'm that bloke who is fair dinkum fed up to the eyeballs with constant brainless decisions that help politicians today and hurt us Aussies for the long term. I'm that bloke who will stand up for what is right and wrong about our great country and draw a line in the sand and say, 'stuff this' it's time for some serious change! It won't happen over night but rest assured I will be the voice for all those that are thinking all the logical things we discuss at work, on the train, over a beer or coffee, when we open the paper to another shocking event. I mean the way I was raised, if I even swore at a cop let alone kicked one, I'd be thinking for sure, 'I'm going for a very long swim in Port Phillip Bay!' Because I have to, I'll pop my Sunday best on for Parliament, but for the greater part of my days I'm just like you. My favourite shoes are thongs, my favourite shorts are boardies, and I'm that bloke at the footy crying tears of joy when my team gets up. I've successfully raised 3 amazing boys and my timing is right now to dedicate my next eight years to serving the Victorian public, and won't they know it once I'm elected.